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A guardian can affect those who, due to an accident or injury, are left unable to care for themselves, or from an illness or advanced age that has progressed to the point the person will not be able to manage their own finances or property. A guardian can be a family member, lawyer, or organization. A guardian can be appointed to handle the personal care, finances and/or the property of the person who has become incapacitated. The process can be quite overwhelming and time consuming. There are numerous reports that must be filed with the court based upon statutory deadlines.

As court examiners we are able to obtain a unique view of the guardianship process from all sides. Our firm routinely handles various types of guardianship proceedings in all the Supreme Courts of Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County, Kings County, New York County, and Bronx County.

We are here to help you work though this decision to get your friend or family member the care they need.Contact us at (631) 756-6006.